Theorasic Surgical Oncology

Thoracic surgeons deal exclusively with disease of the chest and provide treatment for disease in the chest

  • Lung cancer / Bronchus cancer.
  • Mediastinal tumor / thymoma / Neurogenic tumor / germ cell tumor
  • Esophagus / Food pipe cancer/tumor
  • Trachea / windpipe
  • Chest wall tumor
  • Associated benign lung / chest disease

In the era of multimodality cancer treatment thoracic surgeon’s work in close coordination with medical and radiation thoracic oncology, pulmonologist, Gastroenterologist, radiologist, nuclear medicine specialist and pathologist to provide personalized care of thoracic disease. We continuously thrive to provide safe and patient friendly surgery by adopting new techniques of Uniportal thoracoscopy, VATS and Da Vinci xi robotic system. A consensus based treatment approach discussed in Thoracic tumor board meeting provides multidisciplinary approach.

Diagnosis and staging thoracic cancer under one roof

The tissue diagnosis and staging of any cancer is critical to starting treatment is available under one roof.

Thoracic oncosurgery services

  • Thoracotomy / Thoracoscopy for lung / Robotic lung cancer surgery
  • Lobectomy / Bilobectomy / Pneumonectomy with Radical mediastinal nodal dissection
  • Sleeve resection of lung – Emphasis on lung preservation
  • Thoracoscopic Metastasectomy
  • VATS / Robotic for mediastinal tumor
  • Sternotomy for Mediastinal disease / Germ cell tumor/ thymoma / neurogenic tumor
  • Chest wall tumor removal and reconstruction
  • Mesothelioma surgery
  • Thoracoscopic Decortication / Pleurodesis
  • Robotic lobectomy-lung surgery / Robotic Thymoma / Robotic esophagus surgery
  • Tracheal tumor / Tracheal stenting

General Thoracic surgery services

As noncancerous lung and chest disease coexist we also provide services of general thoracic disease with emphasis on minimally invasive VATS, Robotic surgery.

  • Decortication / Pleural effusion / Empyema
  • Complex aspergilloma surgery
  • Pneumothorax / Bullous lung disease and complication
  • Hydatid lung
  • Mediastinitis / Thoracic duct ligation

Thoracic support group

As more and more thoracic cancer patients survive the department annually organizes Thoracic support group meet with participation from thoracic cancer care receivers and survivors to spread awareness about prevention, early detection and improving survival and social support.


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